About me


I have always loved photography as art, but i started with drawing and I was also  a model.Later in 2007 I discovered photography as a means to express myself and completely replaced painting. My photographs are not exactly a photographs, my creations are somewhere in between paintings and photography. In my images I use pain as a beauty, erotic as a psychological way of life. I express myself and my intimate inner life. Indeed, the majority of my works are in the water, this of course is not accidental. From many points of view, for me the water is very suitable means to express what I carry in me and recreate my ideas.. It's really inspiring to me the water is my creation. The creation the life, the power...the water is filled with tremendous energy. It is the winner of pleasure and delightit gives life, but also poses a risk, threat, it can destroy us. I love the transparency and purity of water light and reflecting and transformations that is suffered in contact with another medium. For me the water is highly erotic element precisely because of the opposites that brings. Water is the one who quenches our thirst and saves us. Lust for life of each of us, the thirst for love and the eternal struggle and attempt to erase, to dull to heal the pain, sadness, loneliness...



Contact me:  mira.artphotography@gmail.com